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READ THIS: Due to a mistake where I forgot to disable god mode for testing, you are invincible in the jam version.

If you want to play the game with this stupid mistake that will ruin most of the experience, fine by me, i will not force you, however it is seriously not worth it.

Game but with it turned off is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s4ixullqr1k8c98/OneShot.exe?dl=0

Very easy to setup, just download the 1 exe file and play away!

Check out the itch game page btw, tried to make it look cool.



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OneShot.exe 17 MB

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It isn't clear how you knock out the staff guy. I knocked him out by pressing E and clicking on him, I think that did the trick. Then in the second part, I have no clue who I'm supposed to kill.

I am definitely missing something in the very first level...

how do I knock the guy out? being around either one and hitting E doesn't do anything. I feel really stupid walking around for 10 minutes trying to press E on every millimeter around both of the people and on the floor?

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That is strange, it works for me. Perhaps your not close enough (need to be within the blue circle) Just place the cursor over the person and press E, then F. You can try sending a gif and i'll see what I can do

I also assume you mean the room with the guard and the staff only right by "the very first level" right?

And the person your clicking on is the staff guy right?

Yes that is correct, I'll give it a try again later today when I'm off of work.